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A Graph Zero Summer: An Interview with the Makers.

So who’s and what is Graph Zero?

We’ve done a feature about them in the past but now as their brand has steadily reached to you, many people got more curious about who Graph Zero is. Does Graph Zero has their own weaving factory? Who’s behind Graph Zero? We hear you!

Why does Graph Zero has so many unusual fabrics?

Many Japanese brands often work only on cuts and details, but order fabrics from other companies. Graph Zero brand has a lot of unusual fabrics ⏤ is Graph Zero affiliated to any weaving companies?

The president of graphzero, Mr. Suzuki, is originally a fabric designer. With his knowledge and experience, graphzero approached a the concept of making things from just yarns into fabrics. As for the weaving, we all done them in-house ⏤ we do everything from scratch to finished products. And also, graphzero creates and develops clothing with consistent authenticity and manufacturing throughout the whole process of making clothing ⏤ yarns into fabrics, fabrics into clothing, clothes then to you.

Why did you decide to use Herringbone Twill (Sugi Ayaori) as your flagship fabric?

We decided to be the trendsetter ⏤ nobody was willing to take the risk of introducing a new fabric that people may or may not love. Since no one use Herringbone Twill, we asked ourselves ‘why not?’ Not only that, graphzero’s 16 oz Selvedge Denim is our quintessential denim that has not undergo any shrink-proofing, anti-wrinkle processing, or singeing (one of the last process in fabric manufacturing by burning the surface of a fabric in a controlled flame to yield cleaner surface on fabric), and our original fabric that only our machine and Suzuki-san can produce.

What types of cotton do you use for your fabric types?

Oh, a tough one since we uses a variety of cottons that we can’t ultimately say here since each of our runs has their own specialty mix of cottons. There are so many varieties to cotton depending on which fabrics we decided to make at the moment.

Our final question ⏤ which influenced the brand more: denim with classic vintage Americana details or purely Japanese traditions of textile production?

We definitely gravitates to both: with our respects to both cultures and love of denim, our extensive knowledge for experience in textiles encompasses Graph Zero’s brand to create more unique styles and propose new ways of creating things.


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