Burgus Plus: Perfect Jeans, Chinos, and Jackets Crafted with over 60 Years of Experience within the Raw Denim Industry

We at Denimio love Burgus Plus and boldly say that they make some of the best selvedge jeans, rugged chinos, laid back flannel shirts and perfectly crafted denim jackets.

We’ve received a lot of questions regarding Burgus Plus: How can we talk with such passion about a brand that feels like a newborn in the world of raw denim? Well, Burgus Plus is the brain child of Hinoya – Japan’s most famous denim retailer, established 1949. That’s a solid 67 years of experience.

These guys know their way around denim and due to their broad market knowledge, they felt that they were are able to produce some of the most fashion-relevant and relateable products in the Japanese denim industry.
Thus, they established their in-house brand Burgus Plus 1997. For almost twenty years, they used their access to the best mills in Japan, focused on stellar quality and crafted amazing jeans at a very competitive price.

Osamu Taniguchi, in charge of Product Planning & Development, emphasizes that every Burgus Plus product is part vintage – the fabrics, fading potential, hardware and a feeling of authenticity – and part modern – their cuts are contemporary and simply look good.


In the summer time, their chinos are among the best we offer. Their cuts cover everything from casual to preppy, their fabrics are comfy and work with your boots, dress shoes or sneakers!
If you look for a new fade project for the coming autumn or winter, look at these fade samples. Head over to https://blog.denimio.com/burgus-plus for a great selection of this amazing brand.



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