Introducing of the new KOROKU bags!

KOROKU bags are being manufactured in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, by the hands of skilled craftsmen, one by one, utilizing the experience and sewing techniques cultivated since the company’s establishment in 1962. KOROKU was born from the aspiration to create bags that only we can make and no one else. KOROKU bags are not only of high quality evident in the perfect sewing and polished techniques but also have functionality and durability. KOROKU is the company’s first original brand and was born as one of the “MADE IN TSUYAMA” project brands.

When Okayama denim meets high-quality leather, it has created a new look!

The denim fabric from Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture by the skilful Japanese craftsman with the high-quality KURASHIKI canvas and carefully selected veg tanned leather are used.

Beautiful finish by careful sewing 

The edge of the bag is folded inward and sewn with a technique called “Heri-gaeri-boshi,” which is a very difficult technique to achieve. This is a very difficult technique, and the care that only Japanese craftsmen can take in sewing it enhances the degree of perfection of the product.

Check all of KOROKU bags out below! (Click on the photos to zoom-in.)

It can be used as a self-supporting business bag and casual use.

Unisex handbag and semi-shoulder 2-way bag.

It’s a functional denim backpack with plenty of storage space.

This denim tote bag is suitable for any occasion.





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