Gents, some of you may have known that Oni Denim has been working on something new and exciting. Here it is the latest innovation from Oni DenimONI KIRAKU – super slubby, super loose weave and has great texture all around. Surely, this will be your perfect summer jeans!!!


As a completely new type of denim, the word Kiraku in Japanese means “comfortable”, “light”, “convenient” or “natural”. This is exactly what this new fabric is all about: featuring denim density of only 12oz.


Any high-quality denim depends on the raw materials selection. For the production of warp (known as an outer yarn, which is most often dyed in indigo color), ONI uses South American cotton from Peru. This is short fibers cotton that creates slubby effects. Not only that, the thread of short fibers cotton is usually twisted tight enough not to let the dye penetrates into the fabric so deeply. This is why we can expect a fast and contrasting fading result.

As for the weft yarn (known as an “inner” yarn, which in most of the time remains not dyed), ONI uses the mix of Pima long-staple cotton. This is the special feature of this denim: the usage of the heterogeneous cotton. As a result, the wearer feels the ultimate comfort at the inner side of jeans. It is true as it said: ‘ONI KIRAKU’ is THE POSSIBLE LIGHTWEIGHT DENIM WITH SUPER SLUBBY LOOK.


For the warp yarn, ONI uses the classic rope-dyeing method with natural indigo dye. Thanks to the rope-dyeing method, the warp thread is also dyed in a relatively shallow layer. It allows getting a contrast fading result in a short time.

Here is how the dyeing progress looks like in the production process: the thread is drawn out and goes through many cycles of dyeing in a special machine. When it is exposed to oxygen, it transforms the color into saturated dark indigo.

The weft thread is also dyed, featuring a light beige color (you probably have known that Oni Denim has some special beige collections). This denim will eventually get a steady color as the dye penetrates deep enough into the thread.


Oni Kiraku denim is woven by vintage shuttle type machines. To obtain a heterogeneous “slubby” texture, the thread does not have tension during the weaving process. To ensure loose weave, it requires a very complicated, slow and laborious process. High skills and specific equipment settings are necessary.

As we can see, this 12OZ denim has a noticeable “relief” texture with visible inclusions of neppy elements. This denim seems very heavy and dense in terms of appearance, don’t you agree?

However, if you place the jeans under the light, you will notice that there are “gaps” in the denim texture. In fact, this denim is woven in loose tension to provide the ultimate comfort to the wearer.

Indeed, it successfully fulfills the dream of many denimheads who want to enjoy raw denim jeans with potential beautiful fading, even in warm or hot weather. This is the innovation that most people have been looking for and will be ranked on the top as the most demanded collection.


Oni-602 Kiraku 12OZ

This is a mid-low rise silhouette with a spacious thigh and a narrowed leg cutting. It is similar to Oni-622 jeans. Therefore, if you already own Oni-622 jeans and love the cut, Oni-602 will definitely be your next obsession. We assure you that this ‘upgraded’ denim will be different from any pair that you’ve owned before 🙂

Look at that! These jeans go very well with various modern stylish clothes and shoes.


This is narrower jeans cutting, which works well for you who have a slimmer body. 606 cut has a tight fit in the thigh and narrowed leg. If you want to make sure about this cutting, you can refer to Oni-676 and Oni-176.


In general, Oni jeans have a fairly classic set of details. Here are some of the main ones:

The leather patch is made of deerskin and depicts the signature demon head as the brand’s icon. The stitching line at the top corner of the patch is doubled, just like any other vintage jeans.

Pockets have a classic pentagonal shape. A standard arc (demon arc) is embroidered on the majority of Oni jeans collection.

Top corners of pockets reinforced with hidden copper rivets.

Donuts are buttoned down. All modern Oni Denim models have customized brand buttons. There is also a V-line on the waist.

The front pockets are reinforced with copper rivets, which also feature Oni branding.

If you bend the edge of the coin pocket, you can clearly see the selvedge with woven pink thread.

Same selvedge featured along the outer seam of jeans.



After ONI KUROAI, Oni Denim once again produced an interesting and innovative collection. Oni Kiraku will definitely be your best perfect summer jeans. In modern silhouette, this denim is produced from excellent raw materials with threads dyed and natural indigo. Who can resist its beautiful slubby and neppy texture? You can find this latest innovation only in ONI KIRAKU, and nowhere else!

982 (High Rise Relax Tapered):
606 (Tight Tapered): 
602 (Relax Tapered):