Samurai Jeans S710GXT & S511GXM – Special Release for True Denim Connoisseurs

It is a very special time to reveal the latest Samurai Jeans release to their all loyal fans. Those who have been closely following this brand will know that Samurai never limits its collections to regular classic models. Collaborations and limited editions with interesting details always make Samurai Jeans stands out among any other respected Japanese brands. Often, the customization of the details is subject to the preservation of denim used for classic models.

This time, Samurai Jeans makes a ‘comeback’ with some rare, unique and collectible jeans. After 9 years waiting, Samurai Jeans brings back the limited, special edition jeans that are much anticipated by worldwide denim collector: Go Rin No Sho (五輪書) series – The Book of Five Rings. What’s so special with these jeans?

Go Rin No Sho (五輪書) – The Book of Five Rings

As all of us know, Samurai Jeans is dedicated to present Japanese culture into the element of American denim clothing. This unique adaptation creates an outstanding, unique and interesting clothing that emphasize their brand identity. Many of their product labels are devoted to reminiscing famous Japanese swordsmen in long Japanese history.

In this release, Samurai Jeans honors the well-known philosophical treasure “The Book of Five Rings” (五輪書, Gorin No Sho). This book was written by a legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi in 1645, who had his first duel when he was merely 13 years old.

“The Book of Five Rings” is a well-known classic that describes the strategies and principles of martial arts with a touch of Samurai philosophy. It is divided into five elements: earth, water, fire, wind, void.

To stay true to folklore, each of these jeans models represents each spiritual element of this warrior tradition. With these honors, each jeans are released with exclusive details and unique natural denim dye on their weft yarn.

Those who have been interested in Samurai Jeans for a long time may remember that these models have been released in 2010. You might even have these jeans in your own collection. However, the models have been improved this time with more exciting colors and details. As a sneak peek, allow us to share some information about the first two jeans in this series which represent “the Book of the Earth” and “the Book of Water”.

Note: they are extremely rare and limited. They are not reserved so many sizes could be sold out real soon (even at the pre-order stage).

Samurai Jeans S710GXT 17OZ – The Book of the Earth


S710GXT‘s cut is based on the most popular 710 that is well-known with its the best classic model: S710XX 19OZ.

This model has been the flagship of Samurai Jeans and being the most recognizable piece outside of Japan for more than 10 years. The comfortable and perfectly balanced cut makes these jeans comfortably fit for daily wear. They feature mid-rise with a not too tight fit in the upper part of the thigh and come with a slightly tapered leg downwards. A versatile, stylish and modern style. It is completely original jeans without adapting completely from the old American denim clothing model.

The image above shows the example of S710XX15OZDM model (this model has different interesting details in the similar style).


The density of 17oz denim is used for the fabric. This is slightly above the average denim weight, perfect to create a great texture without being too heavy.

Samurai Jeans uses American and Australian cotton varieties with short and medium fibers. This creates tight-twisted yarns with high-potential to achieve an expressive texture and contrast. For those who are not yet familiar with Samurai Denim, note that the new jeans of this brand will look extremely tough (if you wish, you can put them in an upright position), but after some wearing and shrinking process, they will be a very comfortable denim that fit perfectly according to your body shape.

The weft part of the fabric is dyed in a dark and saturated indigo color. The warp is dyed with Kakishibu – natural vegetable dye based on persimmon extract. Such a fulvous, brownish shade best symbolizes the Element of the Earth – the element as the whole concept of this model. You can anticipate unusual and amazing fading results. As a contrast, a golden thread is woven into the selvedge part of the jeans as one of its interesting detail.


All the details of these jeans emphasize the main idea of the release – Earth element.

The Earth Element is emphasized on its leather patch:

The stitching as well as embroidered arcuate, emphasize the color of the weft thread of the denim.

A rare orange tab is presented on this series. It is only used for special editions Samurai Jeans models.

The burlap pockets are also dyed in Kakishibu unique extract.

The contrast lining with the same color is presented on the back pockets.

Jeans are fastened with five element buttons, produced specifically for this series.

These metal buttons have a dull golden color portraying Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Void elements.

They are very expressive with lots of interesting details. There are even more details that you can find on these jeans (we only showed the main features here). No doubt, it is recommended the collection to all 710 model lovers.

Samurai Jeans S511GXM 17OZ – The Book of Water


If you are interested in a narrower leg fit and a slightly lower belt than the 710 model, then the 511 model is what you need! This release is based on the classic S0511XX silhouette.

The image above shows S511XX21OZDM model(this model has different interesting details in a similar style).


Here we can see the same expressive texture and the same 17oz denim density. However, the weft thread in these jeans is dyed in different indigo color with “Water Element” concept. The warp thread is dyed in deep pure indigo, while the weft thread is dyed with vegetable (natural indigo)dye with a slightly lighter shade. This creates an extremely dark, and at the same time unusual color due to the contrast of weft and warp threads. It creates a potential for unique, beautiful fading results that you can’t find on any other denim. Similarly, a golden thread is woven into the selvedge part of these jeans.


To symbolizes the Element of Water, the leather patch of these jeans are dyed in a bright cobalt-blue color.

The arcuate on the back pockets are embroidered with a bright thread of cobalt-blue color. The special orange tab is also presented on the back pocket.

Burlap pockets are also dyed in light indigo, which looks impressive!

To represent a limited denim collection, a symbol of the Five Elements label is stitched on these jeans.

The lining of the back pockets is stitched meticulously in a contrast color.

The donut buttons also feature “Five Elements” edition buttons on the front side.

A collection that is not less interesting than S710GXT, perfect for you who love ‘cooler’ look. They are packed with excellent details and interesting denim colors.


Why do you get regular collection when you can get limited edition jeans to upgrade your wardrobe? With all those interesting details packed in these special series, we can ensure you that these releases will not disappoint you at any moment. Classic but also rare, they will certainly be an interesting collection for you as experienced collectors (a.k.a. denimheads), or even for those who are Samurai Jeans fans. They will accompany you for many years and feel great every time they remind you of the great master: Miyamoto Musashi.

It could be hard for you to decide which jeans you will get from these models. Feel free to contact our denim consultant in Denimio for a little chit-chat, and we will help you to decide what’s the best jeans to match your preference. Perhaps, you can even get both of them if you are an ‘absolute’ denim collector. They are indeed ‘once in a lifetime collection’. 🙂

Enjoy shopping!

Pre-order Samurai Jeans S710GXT 17OZ: Book of the Earth series
Estimated delivery: August-September 2019

Pre-order Samurai Jeans S511GXM: Book of the Water series
Estimated delivery: November-December 2019