Studio D’Artisan Basic Collection Guide: SD-101, SD-103, SD-107, SD-108

Japanese brand Studio D’Artisan is quite well known among lovers of quality classic jeans. Nowadays, this manufacturer strives to combine vintage American classics with modern casual style. If you are looking for authentic Japanese jeans with interesting denim and classic details and do not know what to choose, we sincerely recommend you to pay attention to the “100 series” from Studio D’Artisan. Here they used very beautiful denim with good fading potential, all the classic details characteristic of this brand and comfortable, time-tested styles, for sure each of the readers will be able to find the most comfortable for themselves.


For the 100 series, SDA uses denim with a density of 15OZ. This density is actually universal, these jeans will not be too light in the cold season and will not be too warm in the warm season. In other words, jeans made of this denim can be worn all year round.

For the dyeing of the yarns, a carefully selected dark indigo color is used. Rope dyeing allows you to get a very rich dark color. At the same time, the core of the threads remains uncolored. This denim therefore has a very good potential for beautiful fading.

The texture of the denim has a natural heterogeneity. Gradually, the denim will first have a bright blue fading, then these areas will become lighter. In this way, the SDA 100 series denim will eventually have a very contrasting fading.

However, we would like to warn you right away that fading develops individually for each person. It depends on many reasons, from the intensity of wear and the frequency of washing of the jeans to even the climate in which the wearer lives. The most important thing is that your jeans are individual:)

The distinctive detail of the SDA 100 series denim is the blue selvedge line.

Now let’s take a look at the popular 4 styles of the Studio D’Artisan 100 series.

Studio D’Artisan SD-101 15OZ REGULAR STRAIGHT

It’s an SDA classic. It’s a straight, comfortable regular fit that fits just about everyone. It’s a straight cut, high rise fit. In general, if you want to get a classic 501-style, unaffected by fashion, we highly recommend the model SD-101. These jeans go equally well with vintage style clothes (denim jackets, chambray shirts, etc.) or with modern street style clothes. SD-101 also goes very well with both heavy “work boots” and modern sneakers.

One more important detail. This model is produced in a very wide range of sizes, so people of different builds can wear these jeans. If you don’t see your size among the available sizes you can always write to our support team on the website and we will try to find out for you when we can get the size you need in stock.

Studio D’Artisan SD-103 15OZ TIGHT STRAIGHT

The iconic model 103, which was inspired by the style of the 60’s when jeans became more of a fashion statement rather than workwear. The jeans have a clean straight silhouette, it’s a little narrower than the SD-101 model and with a lower rise at the waistband. The jeans fit perfectly into a modern urban style. Based on the SD-103, so many different limited editions and past collaborations have been created. In fact, it is a versatile jeans model, perfectly suited for different body types.


Jeans with a narrow straight leg and a low rise. This model is very popular outside of Japan. Such jeans should fit tight, almost like a second skin. This allows you to get an excellent sharp fading on the folds under the knees (so-called “honeycomb”). However, this model makes its own demands on the figure of the jeans wearer. Model SD-107 fits well on a slim, trim figure. If the upper thigh of the jeans is the “hard part of jeans” for you, we would recommend you to choose another SDA model, just to avoid disappointment when you have a great pair of jeans in your hands, you like them, technically the size is right. But… you can’t get your legs into the pant legs. We know this frustration well, so we do not in any way discourage you from this model, we just recommend you to be careful when choosing. But if you have a slim skinny figure – these jeans are just made for you!


We hope the previous model did not disappoint you, because we have something interesting for those who want to get maximum comfort and have a stylish modern style. The SD-108 is in some ways the opposite of the SD-107. It has a roomy and comfortable pant cut at the top of the thigh and a tapered fit, as well as a mid-rise fit at the waistband. The relaxed tapered cut is one of the most popular cuts at the moment. It allows you to get comfort, not constraining freedom of movement and at the same time it will be a very stylish silhouette that will fit perfectly into the modern urban style.


The patch is made of Yanpi mountain goat leather. This leather has a distinct texture. Wrinkles will appear over time, emphasizing the vintage style of the jeans.

The back pockets have classic SDA arches embroidered in contrasting threads.

The coin pocket bears a white SDA label with branding.

The matte finish button style is similar to that used in the late 40’s.

So, if you’re looking for a classic series of Japanese jeans that are produced on a consistent basis and have a wide range of styles, you should definitely take a look at the 100 series from Studio D’Artisan.


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