legend and history of momotaro jeans

The Legend of Momotaro

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  1. Avatar de Nonojanoojee

    I’ve had these for three months, with one soak, and there’s very liltte stretch or shrinkage. Cold soak gave me maybe .25, if that. I’ve read they’ll shrink only .5. I don’t like cuffing either, or too much stacking, and had them hemmed before wearing, one inch above my normal inseam. For me, they’re perfect, with at least .25 left for additional shrinkage, with the rest being used in the creases. I bought these true to size and the waist is still snug.

  2. Avatar de Gora

    No shirt??? Me likey and also I’m totally love denim. I’m so in love in the idea of gteitng a pair of docs. But still not sure if they are my style. Also taking a break from blogs but I love to comment.